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Project Before at Selover School Faculty & Staff

Ms. Audrey Burns
Director of Early Childhood

Ms. Nina Obryk
Principal of Project Before at Selover

Ms. Kara Schlaline
Preschool Supervisor of Inclusion, Intervention, & Community Resources

Ms. Judy Perone
Supervisor of Early Childhood

Ms. Lauren Lombardi
School Secretary of Project Before at Selover

Ms. Palma VonGonten
Secretary for Special Services

Support Staff

Community and Parent Involvement Specialist 
The CPIS Coordinates with the Early Childhood Advisory Council, community events, recruitment and outreach, and parent workshop throughout the district 

Ms. Jenn Barriero  ~  Community and Parent Involvement Specialist 

Master Teachers
Master Teachers support all of the classroom teachers by coaching, modeling Tools of the Mind activities, assessing classroom practices and providing professional development.  They are assigned at a 1:20 ratio, as per NJAC 6A:13A.

Ms. Jacqueline McGrade

Ms. Renee LoCascio

Ms.  Kimberly Barna

Preschool Intervention and Referral Team (PIRT)
PIRT members assist teachers by providing strategies for specific students who may be exhibiting difficulties in the classroom.  They also provide professional development in the area of classroom management using Positive Behavior Support (PBS).  They are assigned at a 1:20 ratio, as per NJAC 6A:13A.

ELL Services
Our ELL (English Language Learner) teacher provides preschool English language learners with experiences that focus on oral language development in order to develop a strong foundation as they transfer learning in English.

Ms. Daniela Spagnuolo

School Counselor
Our School Counselor provides individual and group counseling to students. Our School Counselor promotes student success, provides preventive services, and responds to identified student needs.

Ms. Shannon Foley 

Nurses conduct screenings for immunizations, vision and hearing.  They provide physical and emotional support to students and staff when there are injuries or illnesses.

Ms. Caitlyn Odgers 


Speech Therapist: Caitlyn Santoro 

Teachers: Heather Lerner, Jaime Novak, Kristie Charvet, Eileen Rolwood, Sydnie Levy, Diana Curbelo, Valerie Berish, Ashley Clark, Mihaela Jackowski, Susan Marley, Shannon Goley, Mukaddas Dedahanova, Fatima Rafhan, Catherine Gambourg, Renee Lujo, Lori Grossman, Leeann Cerbone, Karen McNamara