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Welcome to Jesse Selover Schools. You will have noticed that of July 1, 2015 we have updated our website. Over the next few weeks will be working on restructuring the content of the site making it easier for all or visitors to navigate through the site more easily. 

We thank you for your patience until we complete this process. 



Sayreville School District is committed to the holistic development of children. From pre-kindergarten through high school, our programs are created with the intention of developing and nurturing each child’s mind, body and character. It is our goal for all students who pass through our schools to find purpose in life, to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills and to ultimately become adults who are contributing, independent, empathetic, and informed citizens within the local and global community.

The Sayreville School District will strive to meet challenges of developing each child’s mind, body, and character by:

Working Closely with parents and community members to help support the whole school effort. Community members will be kept informed of school news, invited to school-wide events and asked to participate in initiatives aimed at driving the future direction of the school. Parents specifically will be apprised of their children’s progress.

Hiring and retaining highly qualified teachers to educate the children of Sayreville and by supporting their continued development and improvement as teachers.

Writing and implementing curricula that is relevant and meets the requirements of state and federal regulations.

Providing a safe and nurturing environment in which children can learn.

Providing health and physical education experiences that promote a healthy lifestyle and proper hygiene.

Providing experiences that promote improved interpersonal relationships, character development, good citizenship.

Helping students fulfill their personal academic areas and discover those in which they excel and/or enjoy.

Challenging and supporting students to be all that they can be in their educational and future career efforts.

Continually monitoring each child’s development and making educational decisions based on student data, student needs, and parental input to best help each child flourish in mind, body, and character.

As the Sayreville School District succeeds in this vision of educating their students we find ourselves.



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The Sayreville Public Schools districts offices are located at the Jesse Selover School. These offices include the Supeintendent's Office, the Assistant Superintendent's Office, the Business Offices and the Director of Curriculum and Instruction office.


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